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 Wendy Templeton CPC, CDRC 
 Revive Your Soul and Discover Your Purpose.TM 


Welcome! Whether you are ready to pursue those dreams the Lord has placed in your heart, or joyfully conquer the challenges of daily life,  I would be honored to take this journey with you!  I am a certified Life Coaching Professional and Broadcaster who has spent years in Radio ministry.  I personally understand just how difficult it can be to step into the future while clinging to the past. But know this, God's ways and his timing are always better than ours - we just have to show up!  if you're ready to be a bit kinder and more patient with yourself as you discover His perfect purpose and plan for your life, then I look forward to coaching you!  I will help you swap out the clutter for clarity as you move into a life filled with more joy, peace, and hope!  I believe that every day we wake up, we have an opportunity to renew our spirit in Christ and begin again. Please take a moment to browse through my list of offerings.  If you're ready to Discover Your Soul Purpose, click the book now button.   Let's have a conversation soon! God Bless 


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A bit about Wendy

Wendy Templeton began her broadcasting career at WBVM 90.5 Spirit FM, a catholic station in Tampa, Florida. With the support of a loving husband and daughter, this radio veteran has spent many years motivating and inspiring listeners in several markets throughout the country; including a time at WFSH 104.7 The Fish in Atlanta. After hosting the nationally syndicated show, Wendy in Your Oasis, this broadcaster would fall head over heels for a more contemplative life style; immersing herself in Sacred Scripture, Catholic Apologetics and the lives of the Saints. The time spent off the air would prove to be both fruitful and transforming, Though the radio airwaves would soon call her back. Over the years, Wendy could be heard co- hosting Life and Money with Phil Lenahan, a financial show on the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network; she also enjoyed frequently filling in for the wonderful Jerry Usher on his popular Vocation Boom Radio, and hosting various Catholic network radio fundraisers.  As president of the Wendy Templeton Media Group, Wendy specializes in writing, creating, and producing fresh content for radio. She also brings years of radio programming expertise as a broadcast and programming consultant. Currently, Wendy is offering both long and short form content for broadcast.


Current content short form offerings include:

*Revive Your Soul :60 

*Fresh Response: :60

*Wendy's Good News: :60

*Your Daily C: 60 and 30

*Nourish Your Soul :90 and :60

*Opportunity PPM: :90 and :60


Daily 1-3 hours live or plug and play Offering:

The Wendy Templeton Show  

*includes all short form produced benchmarks. This tailor-made show will certainly ignite the soul of the listener with great music and sound motivational encouragement. Wendy gets it! She is a story teller who knows how to engage her audience and allow the listener to be the star. Wendy's content will help you increase your opportunity to build non-traditional revenue generators and community.  AC and Christian options available. 

All content is Catachetical in nature. Founded in Holy Scripture and in line with the Magisterium of the Holy Catholic Church. @WTMG2024

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"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, on your own intelligence do not rely; in all your ways be mindful of Him, and He will make straight your paths.."

                                    Proverbs 3: 5-6

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