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Go Ahead, Rebuild and Reinvent!

So... there was this guy, Nehemiah. You may remember his name from the OT. Back in the day, he managed quite a construction job and rebuilt a very important wall. But, we should start in the beginning. Nehemiah was a man of great character who held a very high position within the Persian Government. He was just minding his own business when he had heard that there was big problem developing in his beloved city. The walls and gates surrounding the temple and the city were crumbling at a record pace, and they were in much need of repair and refurbishment. This news made Nehemiah very distressed and concerned, as he knew just how important the gate and the walls were to the the people in Jerusalem. The walls were built to protect both the city and the Temple from attack; their durability and sustainability were key in allowing the Jews to worship freely and peacefully. But it now seemed that the walls were failing and no longer strong. In fact, they had been falling apart for the last 70 years. Nehemiah was distressed; he knew he could not just sit by and watch his beloved city fall into ruin, he had to do something.

So, after much prayer with His Heavenly Father, God put it on his heart that the walls and gates of Jerusalem needed to be rebuilt, and that he would be the one to lead the project. He left his high ranking governmental post, went back to Jerusalem and went to work. Nehemiah could have very easily just talked about the crumbling walls, or complained about how awful the situation was, but he chose to seek, listen, and obey God. Using an example from our current Christian vernacular, he chose to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Though he knew the burden would be great, his faith and belief in God's promise would have to be even greater; He trusted that God would not let him or His people down.

After accepting God's new plan for his life, Nehemiah had many preparations to make. In order to set the plans in motion he would first first need to get the people together; recognizing and utilizing each workers unique gifts and talents would come next. With the approval from the king and with an abundance of faith, Nehemiah moved full steam ahead following God's directions every step of the way. God would use all of Nehemiah's leadership skills and brilliant planning abilities to keep the workers strong and motivated. Despite many problems and setbacks, even from his own workers, Nehemiah would continue to persevere - in both leadership and prayer. All the citizens of Jerusalem continued to participate in the work of rebuilding the walls. Both the walls and gates were built in a record 52 days.

In order for God to fulfill His continued purpose through Nehemiah and through all His people, God would require a surrender and a change of heart from each man, woman and child. All would have to repent from their sinful ways and change their lives. Even though God enabled the people to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, the work would not be fully complete until the people of Jerusalem rebuilt their hearts and committed themselves back to God! Its a wonderful story and available for you to read anytime you want.

Just like Nehemiah, we have the ability to choose to follow God's purpose and will for our own lives. We must be sensitive to God's call, and be ready to move quickly into action. We must listen for his Holy Spirit to guide and direct us every step along the way.

If you're ready for action and you desire to build a solid life in Christ, than look to Nehemiah for inspiration and follow these simple steps!

One: Clean your heart: The method of clearing our heart of anything sinful that keeps us from God is a mandatory step. Ask the Lord if there is anything that you are ignoring from the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to make it clear to you. When He does reveal sin in your life, than listen, confess it, and be ready to repent it and banish it from your life.

Two: Ask for directions: Ask the Lord to show you exactly what he wants you to do. Ask him to clarify his steps to you. Make sure that you are willing to listen to Him when he whispers His still small voice in your heart. In fact, in your daily conversation, let him know you can't wait to hear from him, and that you will listen intently to His every request.

Three: Wait on the Lord: Patience can be difficult, but you must wait for direction from the One who knows what is best for you. You are His child, and He loves you. Spend time with Him in the silence and you will not be disappointed. He will never leave or abandon you.

Four: Expect all kinds of obstacles: There will be pressures on every side. It will be easy at this stage to give up and give in; but, don't! God has a plan and he will help you see it through. When you can do no more, remember to Stand!

Five: Persevere in trusting God: Run after the Lord with all your heart. Pray in Thanksgiving and without ceasing. Your Lord will never let you down. He will complete His work in and through you! Remember when God's purposes are at work, we cannot hesitate to pray for a wonderful and successful outcome.

God Bless,


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